Grand Course (from 1.40M)

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3 hours of incredible sensations

Our Grand Course provides 8 courses of different difficulties, adapted to everyone. They are all fully secured thanks to our Continuous Belay System (Koala Equipment®) carried out the entire course without manipulating the equipment and without ever being disconnected. 

Crossings of all kinds, climbing walls, Tarzan Jump or huge zip lines (120 to 250 m) on each track for incredible sensations.

You can also discover the Skyfall, a jump of 15m high with a 3-5m freefall experience which will guarantee an adrenalin rush!


3 H

of incredible sensations

1.40 M


130 Kg


Continuous belay system

Koala Equipment®

Hightest platform


Longest zip


19 €

Teenagers (- 16 years old)

22 €

Adults (from 16 years old)


  • Sneakers compulsory

    Heels and toes must be covered (Crocs and sandals are prohibited) Outdoor outfit is necessary.

  • Paiement


    Credit card, cash, online purchase.

  • Accompagnement


    Children under 18 years old should be supervised by an adult. Marked pathways to follow from the ground. Access to Children course included