Inside Coolongalook

Our Story

How it all began ?

The origin of Coolongalook takes its roots in 2011.
Geographer graduated from a Master in Environmental Sciences in 2010, Mathieu Dumon however did not find a position related to his training and skills. The questioning about his future is real, it is then that the idea emerges: Create an adventure park which closely links his skills and his environmental sensitivity and his experience of this outdoor sport, which he practiced as an employee during his 5 years of university studies. He then launched into the creation of what would become “Coolongalook Parc Aventure”. More than two years of intensive work culminating in the opening, on April 20, 2013, of an integrated park that respects the environment.

What is "Coolongalook"?

The name comes from the Australian aboriginal (Mathieu made his 3rd year at the University of Sydney ...). It means "the one who likes to climb" or "a high place" according to the translations (there are about 200 Aboriginal dialects). It is the 1st aerial adventure course in the world fully equipped with a continuous lifeline on Koala Equipment® pulley.


Our park is located in an exceptional environment in the heart of a mixed peri-urban forest of 20 ha in Royan, where diversity is highlighted and highly appreciated by its visitors. Pedunculate oak, maritime pine, chestnut, toris tree, hawthorn, European gorse, wild cherry and so many other species to discover ... Coolongalook guarantees a change of scenery as intense as it is unexpected.

The establishment of the park has been fully considered in order to respect and enhance its biodiversity, so that our visitors and "climbers" find a real connection with nature. This cohesion between Man and Nature is particularly close to our hearts, which is why we wish, at all costs, to enhance our surroundings and make visitors aware of the environment.

When designing a course in the trees, we work closely with specialists to ensure that it has the least possible impact on the forest.

Our courses are designed so as not to damage the living tree. We use molds that grip the trunks and our platforms rest on them. These molds are loosened as the tree grows. We also inspect our trees every year to ensure their good health.

Our routes are also favorable to wildlife. Dead wood kept on the ground creates habitats for small creatures and the underside of our platforms is an ideal shelter for nesting birds! In addition, we recycle as many materials as possible. Pruning materials are used to cover the paths in the park and thus limit soil compaction.

We use local goods and services for the production, sale of goods and maintenance of our routes. Our main partner (construction & equipment) is French.

Getting better every year

From 2014, enlargement of the zipline arrival areas, reorganization of activities for a better progression of the difficulty, setting up of the outdoor exhibition, enlargement and modifications of the orientation and survival course / of the Laser Battle area .

At the end of 2014, Coolongalook Parc Aventure became the Grand Prize winner of the Charente-Maritime Tourism Prize, in the “Young Businesses” category.

2015: New products, for always more sensations.
New Junior Adventure Course for children close to the size required for the Grand Course, to always go higher!
New children's loop and new games! Installation of zipline brake systems for the less experienced participants.
New thrilling activity: SkyFall, a real free fall jump for thrill seekers!
Creation of a covered space for fickle weather days.
Coolongalook Parc Aventure is one of the 4 nominees of the 2015 Emergence Prize of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) among more than 50 companies ...

2016: Always more security! The number of helmets is doubled in order to systematize its wearing in children under 14 years of age (+ maintenance, charlottes, ...)
Purchase of progression lanyards for customer equipment, in order to always offer our climbers equipment in excellent condition.
Purchase of twisted harnesses to optimize the safety of practitioners with templates not suitable for belt harnesses.
Creation of the harness room: this allows even greater responsiveness to large summer flows, always with the aim of improving the experience of our visitors.
Complete redesign of signage in the park with more visible and more numerous signs: it seems that no one is lost in the park anymore!
New circuit number 2 for Juniors and Adults, with zip lines from Nepal and a fishing locker for the descent at the end of the circuit !! And as usual, always the maintenance actions to maintain an irreproachable level of quality! Oops!
Coolongalook Park obtains the TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence for the quality of reviews, as well as the QUALITÉ TOURISME ™ brand, a benchmark in terms of quality tourism services.

2017: A new activity and a lot of work to satisfy you!
Launch of our new product for 2017: On the Tjurunga track! An interactive adventurer quest through the park. An innovative and exclusive experience on our territory. Go in search of fragments of the sacred Talisman, the Tjurunga! An experience that is both digital (creation of an avatar, interactive visual or sound quiz, augmented reality and full of original mini-games) and anchored in reality (in-situ manipulations, desks, symbol interpretation, etc.). This new feature replaces the Man vs Wild course. Creation of a free educational quiz, also on Smartphone / tablet.
Implementation of Multi-Activity Packs: Adventure Pass XL and Adventure Adventure Pass XXL Very important maintenance and pruning work has been done to enhance the park and provide a refreshing and secure environment.
Replacement of 3 lifelines and zip lines to preserve the quality of our facilities.
Installation of secondary passive brakes on all routes (construction standard NF EN 15567-1).
Purchase of new progression lanyards for personal protective equipment in order to finalize the renewal of the entire PPE fleet: All of our harnesses were fitted in 2017 with new lanyards!
Coolongalook Parc Aventure joins the restricted circle of the Charente-Maritime Tourisme's favorite club: Exclusive club comprising 8 remarkable and unmissable sites in Charente-Maritime.
Coolongalook Parc Aventure is now working in collaboration with the Decathlon® brand. Complete and modern redesign of our website by Labographism for an up-to-date offer with the proposed online sale and exhaustive content!
2018: Creation of thrilling activities!
Construction of a giant climbing wall of 9 meters at the start of circuit No. 5 adults as well as a Tarzan vine plus incredible sensations!
Installation of a junction to bypass the jump if necessary in order to be able to complete the circuit without making the jump.
Replacement of lifelines and zip lines to preserve the quality of our facilities.
Implementation of the video briefing in order to offer a fun and captivating support for safety rules. This investment allows more fluidity in terms of activity departures and less waiting time for practitioners.
Lasertag outdoor activity: New latest generation equipment with RAPTORS 2s and INTAGER® software for even more fun games!
2019: The Warrior Challenge replaces the Tjurunga track!
New online booking interface for an improved customer experience.
4 months of work during the winter to offer you 2 parallel and identical circuits in order to carry out races, competitions in small groups! The Warrior Challenge is largely inspired by the famous program Ninja Warrior® on the first channel.
2020: At the end of the year, the company commits to the process of obtaining the Tourisme & Handicap® brand
New version of the video briefing! After French and English, we are setting up a version in Dutch.
Big landscaped work this winter in terms of maintenance and pruning. Numerous works on the lifelines and zip lines to preserve the quality of our facilities. Complete and modern redesign of our website by Artgrafik Digital for an up-to-date offer with always the online sale offered and quality content!